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At Luxe Dentistry, your smile is our top priority. As such, your dental care treatment is based on your actual needs and/or desires, versus what insurance will or will not cover.

For example, Luxe Dentistry only uses white composite for fillings, not silver amalgam, to match surrounding teeth and present a cohesive, less detectable treatment area. This is generally outside the scope of insurance.

Another example would be beautiful implants, which function and look just like actual teeth, versus a fixed bridge or denture, which is less desirable.

Again, insurance typically covers the least expensive option, not what’s best or most aesthetic for the patient.

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For this reason, Luxe Dentistry has chosen to be out of network to perform the best dentistry possible. Luxe Dentistry has complimentary insurance filing, for out-of-network benefits.

Please note, while the majority do, not all insurance plans allow out-of-network benefits.

We are happy to answer questions about your specific insurance plan. We ask for full payment, at the time of service, and then file your benefits, with your insurance reimbursement check being mailed directly to your mailbox, not our office.

Each time when you check-in, we will verify your patient information (address, phone number, insurance, etc.) for this purpose.

We understand dental treatment and smile makeovers, while life-changing, can be costly. For this reason, we also offer Care Credit for anyone who prefers to make payments.

We know you have options, and we are grateful for the privilege of being your dentist office of choice. We stand behind our work, use the best products and materials available, coupled with modern dentistry and a caring team, to give you optimal results. We look forward to keeping you smiling for a long, long time!

Welcome to our Luxe Dentistry Family! Dr. Scott Hood and Team

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At Luxe Dentistry, your smile is our top priority. We specialize in quality family and cosmetic dentistry, utilizing the latest technology, coupled with compassionate care.

We believe everyone deserves a luxe smile.


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