Cone Beam or CBCT

Luxe Dentistry is proud to have a 3D cone beam. CBCT stands for cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT systems used by Dr. Hood and his team, rotate around you, capturing data using a cone-shaped x-ray. 

In less than a minute, about 150-200 images are captured from a variety of angles. The data captured are used to reconstruct a 3D image of your teeth and jaw.

CBCT technology also uses less radiation and requires fewer scans to see the different views and angles of your mouth. Plus, unlike traditional dental x-rays, the cone beam CT scan can show both bones and soft tissues.

There are many benefits to getting a CBCT scan:

  • Better image quality and accuracy
  • Provides comprehensive information about your oral health
  • Comfortable and quick experience
  • A lower dose of radiation
Cone Beam or CBCT

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography utilizes computer technology and digital sensors for the acquisition, viewing, storage, and sharing of radiographic images. It offers several advantages over the older traditional film-based methods of taking X-rays.

The most significant of these advantages is that digital radiography reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation.

Other benefits are that images can be viewed instantly after being taken, can be seen simultaneously as needed by multiple practitioners, and can be easily shared with other offices.

Digital X-rays are also safer for the environment, as they do not require any chemicals or paper to develop.

Extraoral Camera

Luxe Dentistry utilizes an extraoral camera for capturing your smile.

Dr. Hood and his associates employ this camera, at the beginning, middle, and end and of cosmetic procedures to capture your before and beautiful after! 

Intraoral Camera

Luxe Dentistry utilizes an intraoral camera. This miniaturized camera takes high-resolution images inside of the mouth and displays them for viewing in real-time.

This is a fantastic communication tool that allows Dr. Hood and his associates to directly show and discuss any areas of concern. 

Intraoral Camera


At Luxe Dentistry, Dr. Hood and his associates utilize a laser to deliver energy in the form of light to vaporize tissue.

This laser is used in frenectomy procedures, as well as soft tissue recontouring, such as a gingivectomy (gum lift). 



Luxe Dentistry is proud to offer Primescan. Unlike older versions, like Itero, Primescan provides unprecedented image quality and can scan a full arch in approximately 45 seconds.  It is currently the fastest and most accurate scanner on the market. 

Primescan is used in-house for digital impressions. Traditional dental impressions can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. Primescan makes the process faster, more comfortable, and more efficient, often eliminating the need for goopy impression materials.

Primescan is also used in-house for our state-of-the-art clear aligners (Sure Smile). Its precise imaging provides better fitting clear aligners and, thus, can result in fewer or no brackets and shortened treatment times. 

Primescan is also used to make impressions for implants, partial dentures, mouth guards, and more. It further offers patient monitoring. It can visualize volumetric changes in the soft tissue, hard tissue, and the position of the teeth over time. 

Primescan machine

State-Of-The-Art Sterilization

At Luxe Dentistry, we utilize the most current steam autoclave and sterilization procedures, with daily biologic monitoring for accuracy.

Luxe Dentistry proudly displays our clean sterilization area with a full-length glass wall, allowing patients to see our sterilization process in action! 

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